Digimon World Re:Digitize English Patched

Digimon World Re: Digitize

Description: Digimon World: Re: Digitize follows the adventures of a 14 year-old boy as he travels around Digital World -a world where data creatures known as Digimon live.

Digimon World Re Digitize (デジモンワールド リ:デジタイズ?) is a 2012 video game for the PlayStation Portable developed by Tri-Crescendo and published by Namco-Bandai. The character designs for the game are being created by Suzuhito Yasuda, who has also done character designs for Durarara!! and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor.[3] It was released on July 19, 2012. During June 2012, Kouhei Fujino was expected to write a manga in the V Jump magazine. The game play is reported to be similar to, but not identical to the original Digimon Worldgame.

Gameplay: In Re:digitize game play centered around a 14-year-old male protagonist that gets transported to the digital world of Digimon, which in his universe is merely an online game. Players raise the digimon through stages of growth that determine his personality. In Re: Digitize, the Digimon goes through five stages of growth: In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate and Mega. Digimon evolves over time by gaining stats and other factors. Multiple partners are possible. Shops and the Meat farm will return (run by Digimon). Digimon can get hungry, sick, injured or die and needs care to recover.

Genre: RPG
Developer: tri-Crescendo

PSP Game Name: Digimon World Re-Digitize
Size: 352 MB
Format: CSO
Region: Japan
Language: Japanese
English Patched 
Patched / Fixed: Yes


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