Pokemon X and Y Leaked (Direct Download / Torrent Download)

The Pokemon Company International and Nintendo officially blew our minds open today with the announcement of Pokemon X and Y. The games will mark the very first entries in the next generation of Pokemon (that's Generation VI, for anyone keeping count). They’re also the very first set of core games to make use of a completely 3D graphical style, as well as the first made from the ground up for the Nintendo 3DS. Marking another first for the series - both games will be launching globally this coming October. This means all Pokemon fans will be able to start the game at the same time, rather than the rest of the world watching jealously from a distance as Japan dives in months ahead.

Outside of a trailer and a handful of screenshots, very little has been revealed about Pokemon X and Y. But we're not going to let that stop us, are we? For your hypothesizing pleasure, I've been delving through all the screenshots and picking through the trailer, and what I found was rather interesting. Below you'll find a summary of everything we know about the game so far, based on what's been shown. A lot of this is still speculative, of course, as we'll likely have to wait a bit longer for the official details to start rolling out. Until then, take a look, let me know in the comments if I missed anything, and take a moment to imagine the possibilities of Pokemon’s first fully 3D outing. You can play this on your 3DS using your SD Card and you can also play this on you PC by using a 3DS Emulator.

1. Click the Download link below.
2. Press Skip Ads in the upper right of the page.
3. Press Free download.
4. Put the File in your Gateway-3DS Flashcart.
5. Enjoy :)